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Humanities & Theatre Lifeline

Research survival tips for Humanities and Theatre peoples!!

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Who, What, Where, Why: A Great Way to Structure Your Paper

Often, students come to me for research assistance.  When we are searching for materials, students frequently talk about how difficult it is to decide what to address in there paper or how to develop a good thesis statement. Here is a great method to use if you are having difficulties with composing your thesis or determining what your topic is going to address. 1. Who: What person, thing, place or group group are you talking about? Working class children, Corporations,  Impressionists... [ Read more ]

Business Exchange

Sharing the best business resources for research

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Hunger & Homelessness

The link below takes you to a report that presents the results of a survey of 29 of the cities which comprise the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Task Force on Hunger and Homelessness.   Respondents were asked to provide information on emergency food assistance
... [ Read more ]

Science is Meant to be Social

Resources for Social Scientists

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Writing literature reviews

Writing - Blank notepadI was chatting with a professor today about a literature review assignment that she regularly assigns to students. I had given a library instruction session to these students and checked in with... [ Read more ]

Special Collections at TCU

Rare books, archives, manuscripts

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Special Collections Reading Room in a New Location

The Mary Couts Burnett Library is currently undergoing a major renovation project with an expected completion date of August 2015.  Due to this project, the Special Collections reading room will be moving to a temporary location in the library, Room 219A (next door to the computer training room).  In addition, the Jim Wright Papers... [ Read more ]

What's New at the TCU Library?

What's new at the TCU Library?

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Knowledge Itself is Power

knowledge itself is powerWe added something special to the new entrance. The expression ipsa scientia potestas est - translation: "knowledge... [ Read more ]